Upcoming New Music Artist in India 2019 – RITVIZ

Upcoming New Music Artist in India 2019 - RITVIZ - Gossiyapa Blog

You could argue that 21-year-old Pune-based electronic music producer Ritviz Srivastava has already had his breakthrough moment. The video for ‘Udd Gaye’, the official “Bacardi house party anthem” that was released towards the end of last year. It was released via comedy collective All India Bakchod’s YouTube channel, has already garnered over four million views. But because he doesn’t appear in the video, Srivastava remains relatively anonymous.  With the song, he’s found his signature sound, a mid-way point between the club-oriented instrumental dance tracks. He calls it ‘Hindustani dance music’, a nod to his training in Indian classical, which he started learning at the age of seven from his mother. Srivastava realised that electronic music was his “calling” when he was in his mid-teens and heard house producer Tiesto. “I found [his songs] really interesting, like a Coldplay bootleg where there are Coldplay vocals and that one synth that just matches up to the vocals,” said Srivastava.  Today, producers look for vocalists; they have found they can express themselves vocally even though they’re not using their own voice. Now when I’m doing vocals, I feel stronger because I feel my production has got my back.”

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