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Trump calls PM Modi’s message on terrorism in front of Imran as ‘aggressive’

imran-khan-trump1. Donald Trump praised PM Modi
2. Friend told India in front of Imran
3. ‘Howdy Modi’ speech also told aggressively.


US President Donald Trump praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi in front of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and described India as his good friend. On the issue of Jammu and Kashmir,  Imran Khan appealed to Donald Trump to mediate, but Trump said that this will be possible with the consent of both. Along with this, Donald Trump described Narendra Modi’s statement given in ‘Howdy Modi‘ very aggressive and said that the people sitting there liked it a lot.

Actually, when Imran Khan and Donald Trump held a press conference in New York on Monday, there were many questions related to India. During this time, when there was a question of mediation on Jammu and Kashmir, Donald Trump said that he is ready for it, but only when both sides agree. Right now Pakistan is ready for this, but unless India does not agree then nothing will happen.

During this time, when Donald Trump was questioned that Narendra Modi is continuously speaking on Jammu and Kashmir, in such a situation, you were with him in ‘Howdy Modi’ yesterday. So do you agree with them? In response to this question, Donald Trump said that a lot of aggressive statements were made in the program ‘Howdy Modi’, the Prime Minister also gave a very aggressive statement.

Donald Trump said that I did not expect such a statement to come, but I was sitting there and when that statement came, the people sitting in the field were very excited. There were about 59 thousand people, who seemed to agree with that statement. But it will have to be accepted that the Prime Minister’s statement was very aggressive, he hopes that the two countries will talk among themselves soon.


What did Prime Minister Narendra Modi say?

In fact, when Narendra Modi was giving a speech at the Howdy Modi program in Houston, he mentioned Article 370 and said that we had given Article 370 to Farewell from Jammu and Kashmir for which India had been waiting for 70 years. But some people are having problems with this decision, some countries are making rhetoric on it.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that there are some people who are not keeping their country, they are speaking on Article 370. Such people have made hate against India their politics.

Attacking Pakistan, PM Modi said at the event, “These are the people who want unrest, are supporters of terror and nurture terror.” His identity is not only you, the whole world knows well. Where are 9/11 in America or 26/11 in Mumbai where its conspirators are found? Now the time has come for a decisive battle to be fought against terrorism and those who promote it.

Donald Trump used this speech and called it offensive. However, Donald Trump praised India in this press conference and said that India-US relations are very good. In this press conference, when a Pakistani journalist questioned Kashmir, Donald Trump took a pinch of it too.


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