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Top 5 Gym in Chandigarh with All Details

Top 5 Gym in Chandigarh with All Details

Finding a gym in Chandigarh is not an easy task. Although there are one or more gyms in each sector, this city has some of the best gyms in the area that have some of the best ers designs and equipment as well as some of the best trainers and gym professionals. Gym crush has become a fitness mantra for health-conscious people in Chandigarh, which is giving a big boost to the fitness industry in India!

Here is a list of some of the Top 5 Gym in Chandigarh with All Details with professional access, proper guidance, proper nutrition advice, well-equipped infrastructure, structure, rigorous training period and most environmentally positive and progressive.


Ozi Gym & Spa

Regarding the facilities offered in Chandigarh at this premium fitness center, Kym Gym, the membership fee is only peanuts. Offering the best services at the most affordable prices, Fuzzy’s mission is to look at filters and healthy Tricity. OZi’s premium gym (in Mohali) is the best spread over 25,000 sq ft. The magnificent gym has Sybex (USA) machines, the No. 1 brand in the world. Gym facilities, Fitness Studio classes, Cardio, Spa, Cross Fit and other activities that are packed with indoor swimming pools and various training programs.

top 5 gym in Chandigarh

Address: SCO 134-135-136, Madhya Marg, Sector 8C, Chandigarh

Phone number: 0172 504 2210

Website: http://www.ozigym.com/

Membership Fee: 3 months – Rs 7000 and Rs 13, 000 annually

The Code Fitness

Offering a Better Basic Offer Framework for Fitness Code Fitness Gym is another premium gym in Chandigarh that promises better fitness services to the people of Chandigarh. Gym Precor holds fitness equipment to meet the professional demands of the fitness environment.

Top 5 Gym \
top 5 gym in Chandigarh.

Address: SCO 45-48, Sector 8C, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh

Phone number:  0172 500 5333

Website: http://www.thecodefitness.com/

Membership Fee: 3 months – Rs 13, 000 and Rs 24, 000 annually.

Body Zone Fitness & Spa Pvt. Ltd.

top 5 gym
body zone fitness Chandigarh

Address: SCO 180-187, Second Floor C, Madhya Marg, Sector 9-c

Phone number: 0172 507 7770

Website: http://www.bodyzonegym.in/

Membership Fee: 3 months – Rs 21, 000 (Male), Rs 19, 000 (Female) and  Rs 48, 000 annually (Male), Rs 38, 000 annually (Female).

Suprama Gym, Chandigarh

Chandigarh’s oldest gym offers professional guidance and fitness at unparalleled fees for gym offer services. With a team of one of the best gym trainers in the arena, Jim brings his fitness skills to the bank for over 18 years.

suprama gym chandigarh
suprama gym Chandigarh

Address: SCO – 3013- 14, 2nd Floor, Sector 22D, Chandigarh

Phone number: 0172 461 1444

Website: http://www.supramafitness.com/

Membership Fee: 3 months – Rs 4000 and 12, 500 annually.

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