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Friends welcome to our blog, today we will tell you about the Rock Garden. The Rock Garden is located in Sector 1 of Chandigarh. It is a vast open Air exhibition hall.

If you are planning to roam somewhere in Chandigarh, then you must know about Rock Garden, after Rose Garden, its comes second in the list of Best Place for Visit.

The specialty of the Rock Garden is that all the artwork made here is from urban and industrial waste, the Rock Garden was designed and run by a road inspector Nek Chand of Chandigarh.


The Rock Garden is located in the center of Sukhna Lake and the Capitol Building is spread over 40 acres.

The place is also known as Nek Chand’s Rock Garden. Nearly five thousand sculptures have been made in Rock Garden and all these sculptures have been made by Nek Chand with his own hands in his spare time, this rock garden of Chandigarh is a true example of Best from Waste.

Rock Garden has been made very beautiful and it seems that by visiting here we have come to some other world.

Because such an atmosphere has been created here that by coming here you feel as if you have come back to an old world.


Here you need open time to roam because if you want to enjoy everything here, then you need a full day and the special thing is that if you are tired of roaming around, then wait for your food to drink here too. There are many types of food stalls here, here you can also have cold drinks and various types of prawns and some fast food and Castrol.

Although there are a lot more places to visit in Chandigarh, but there is something different about the rock garden itself.

This garden attracts people from every class, here children from many schools also come to roam and further their knowledge and understand the importance of recycling.


The rock garden is divided into three parts. The sculptures and art made of many types of particles are inferior such as broken bottle glass bangles, broken glass utensils, and electric dustbin, etc. They all used them very well to create sculptures and artifacts. This amazing specimen tells us the art of recycling.

part 1


The first part of the garden has sculptures of various animals, birds, and human figures. Terracotta text animals and a labyrinth have also been made in this part. Insert mirrors and broken bangles pieces of tube light and toilet connected slogans are also made in this part.

part 2


The second part of the rock garden has huge water springs and gardens, especially tourists gather here and take pictures. It is also very beautiful. A small village has also been built here and cultural events over many months here. Amphitheater courtyards and intricate streets are also beautifully constructed here.

part 3

best place to visit
Rock garden

This place where the life establishments of camels and elephants can be seen. It also has a majestic courtyard made of chiseled rocks.

History of Rock Garden

The history of the rock garden is very interesting. Rock garden started secretly near Sukhna lake in the year 1957. At that time Nek Chand used to roam around the city in his spare time and collect some broken material and place them in a place. But he used to keep depositing, he used to do this work secretly for 18 years, at that time this place was spread on 12 acres of land and in the eyes of the law it was not illegal but Nek Chand In some way, hiding this place was kept secret till 1975. After this, when the government came to know about this place, they approved it and Nek Chand was made Incharge here to work on this project and 50 A team of laborers was given and this park was opened to the public in 1976 and today around 5000 people come here every day to roam.

Tips To visit

1. Do not throw garbage in.
2. The Rock Garden should be visited with the children so that they can be given an idea of how we use it to destroy it. This will definitely help awaken their creativity.
3. Every area in the garden is particularly good for photoshoots.

Teej Celebration in Rock Garden

The festival of Teej is celebrated with great joy every year in the Rock Garden. This is the festival of monsoon and this festival is mainly celebrated by women. On this day, women wear beautiful dresses and apply Mehndi on their hands and feet. Many civilizations are programmed here where women dance and sing and swing the swing.

How to reach Rock Garden

The rock garden is located on the north side of Sector 1, 1.5 km from Lake Sukhna if you are traveling by cab. Buses and auto-rickshaws are also readily available.

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