Personal Trainer in Stockholm

Personal Trainer in Stolkholm

Personal Trainer in Stockholm

Personal Trainer in Stockholm – so If you are looking for personal trainer for yourself, you are about to get him


ONKAR SINGH (born 22 January 1994) is a Swedish Gym Freek, Personal Trainer and a YouTube

personal trainer in stockholm Onkar Singhpersonal trainer in stockholm Onkar Singh
Personal Trainer in Stockholm Onkar Singh

personality from Sweden. He is known for his Instagram account Onkar singh. Onkar Singh became the first Sikh individual Instagram to cross 11k Followers in 2019.


He Started his Fitness Studies in 2010, Now it’s his 9th continuous Year in Fitness.

You can Easily Image him as a fully Pumped body Guy.

He Devoted all his life till now into Body Fitness, now he is doing this as a fulltime.

He also Owens his Own Merchant Brand named CHAK DE, which is very Famous among the Gym loving people.

Onkar Singh also Provide Personal training in Stockholm.

Here are his some latest Pictures:-

Onkar Singh Personal Trainer in Stolkholm (1)  Personal Trainer in Stockholm Personal Trainer in Stockholm


Youtube Video Of Onkar Singh (Personal trainer in Stockholm)

What is Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is a certified individual to have a variable degree of knowledge of the general physical condition involved in the prescription and instruction of the exercise. Motivate clients by establishing objectives and providing feedback and responsibility to customers. Trainers also measure the strengths and weaknesses of their clients with physical fitness assessments. These fitness assessments can also be done before and after an exercise program to measure improvements in the physical condition of your clients. They must also educate their clients on many other aspects of well-being in addition to exercise, including general health and nutrition guidelines. It is very important for a trainer to take the time to evaluate the personal life of a client outside the gym. In this way, personal trainers can discover what kind of stress their client may be causing in certain areas of the body during their daily life. Personal Trainer in Stockholm.

Qualified personal trainers or certified personal trainers (CPT) recognize their own areas of expertise. If a trainer suspects that one of his clients has a medical condition that could prevent the client from participating safely in an exercise program, he or she must refer the client to the appropriate health professional for prior authorization.

What does a personal trainer do?

Many athletic trainers work in gyms, but others work for educational services or hospitals, depending on their speciality. The place where you work will determine your daily responsibilities, but the typical tasks of a personal athletic trainer include:best Personal Trainer

Demonstration of exercises and routines to clients.
Help clients in exercises to minimize injuries and promote physical fitness.
Modify the exercises according to the levels of the physical condition of the clients.
Monitoring the progress of the client
Provide information or resources about general problems of health and physical condition.
Provide emergency first aid if necessary
In any workplace as a personal fitness trainer, it is important to remember that in addition to helping clients get in shape, they will also be responsible for their safety during their training together and to encourage positivity.


Working with a personal trainer (PT)

Working with a personal trainer (PT) is nothing like the training you have done on your own. Your PT is a professional training partner that will help you achieve your goals while at the same time learning a lot about training.
No matter what your objective or your previous training experience, your PT will help your training to be effective, safe and motivating.

A PT can help you with everything from starting your training to adding a specific training program for a specific purpose, such as losing weight or developing muscles. Of course, you can also get help to rehabilitate injuries or prevent problems. We have knowledge of most aspects of health and training. Personal Trainer in Stockholm

Our personal trainer can help you:
-The fastest and most effective way to lose weight.
– Motivate yourself, once and for all, to achieve your fitness goals.
-Rebalance your goals faster through a holistic approach that involves annoying diet and exercise
-Efficient and safe work.

Purpose of personal training

The scope of practice for a personal trainer is to improve the components of physical fitness for the general and healthy population.

Proper prescription of exercise can improve body composition, physical performance, heart condition and health outcomes. The decision to hire a coach may be related to the perceived ability to facilitate these factors through proper prescription and instruction or factors related to motivation and adherence. A trainer pays close attention to the form of exercise, exercise routine and nutrition plan of their clients. It has been shown that personal training in men and women exercises behavioural patterns, improve the relationship of perceptive benefit to the concern for exercise (decisive balance) and increases the confidence to choose the exercise against other demands of time (programming of the self-efficacy). Personal training results in greater strength, greater intensity of training and greater perceived effort during exercise.