Royal Enfield dispatches the restricted release ‘Classic 500 Pegasus’ cruiser propelled by the RE/WD 125 Flying Flea, its unbelievable WWII bike.

Royal Enfield, launched the Classic 500 ‘Pegasus’ limited edition motorcycle. The ‘Pegasus’ is inspired by the legendary RE/WD Flying Flea 125 motorcycle that was manufactured at Royal Enfield’s underground facility in Westwood, UK during the World War II. Conceived as a tribute the Flying Flea and Royal Enfield’s military heritage, the Classic 500 Pegasus is a chance to own a piece of motorcycle history with only 1000 units available globally, of which 190 will be available in UK and will be priced at GBP 4999 (On the road). Siddhartha Lal, CEO, Royal Enfield said the story of the Flying Flea is both remarkable and inspiring, and it has a history like no other motorcycle. Rugged military motorcycles have been an integral part of Royal Enfield’s heritage and continues to be till date, as we endeavour to build classic, simple, enduring motorcycles

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Prabhsharan Singh

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Prabhsharan Singh

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Prabhsharan Singh