“Didi, 40 Of Your Lawmakers In Touch With Me”: PM Modi’s Stunning Claim: lok sabha elections 2019

Blaming the Mamata Banerjee government for conspicuous debasement, PM Modi stated, “From consent to affirmation, individuals need to spend cash. The individuals who don’t concur with their belief system, they are hanged”.

Forty lawmakers of Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress are in contact with the BJP and will change camp when the outcomes are reported, Prime Minister Narendra Modi guaranteed today. The BJP is focusing on 25 of Bengal’s 42 Lok Sabha seats and the Prime Minister’s remarkable case came in the midst of what has for all intents and purposes been a statement daily fight with the Bengal Chief Minister.

Tending to a rally in Serampore – a town under 30 km from Kolkata – the Prime Minister stated: “Didi, on 23 May, the day of results, the lotus will blossom all over and your MLAs will abandon you and run. Indeed, even today, Didi, 40 of your MLAs are in contact with me”.

A brisk counter originated from gathering official Derek O’Brien, who blamed the Prime Minister for “horse exchanging” and said the gathering will grumble to the Election Commission.

Expiry Babu PM , how about we get this straight. No one will run with you. Not by any means one councilor. Are you race battling or horse exchanging! Your expiry date is close. Today, we are griping to the Election Commission. 

The Trinamool Congress won 211 of the state’s 294 get together seats in the 2016 get together races. In the Lok Sabha, it has 34 seats.

The Prime Minister additionally cautioned that in the coming days, it would be troublesome for the Chief Minister to get by, “since you have sold out the general population” – an obvious reference to the few Ponzi cases that hit Bengal in the course of the most recent three years.

Blaming the Mamata Banerjee government for barefaced defilement, he stated, “From authorization to affirmation, individuals need to spend cash. The individuals who don’t concur with their belief system, they are hanged”.

The Prime Minister’s visit to Serampore occurred today as casting a ballot was held for eight Lok Sabha seats of Bengal. In the midst of viciousness, the BJP today recorded an objection to the Election Commission, asserting focusing of its individuals and examples of corner catching by individuals from the Trinamool Congress.


“This is Didi’s abusive routine, where interlopers stay serenely and loyalists, Ram-bhakts, Durga-bhakts, Saraswati-bhakts need to live in the shadow of threat. This is Didi’s severe routine where goons get total security however the wellbeing of sisters and little girls isn’t ensured,” PM Modi said.

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