Did ‘Gulf News’ call Rahul Gandhi ‘Pappu’?

Did 'Gulf News' call Rahul Gandhi 'Pappu'?

Several such posts have been posted on social media in which it has been claimed that the Dubai newspaper ‘Gulf News’ has called Rahul Gandhi ‘Pappu’ and insulted him.

Most of the people have also shared a cutout of this newspaper on social media.

Some people have written with it that “those who come to foreign countries to get the honor of the country get such respect.”

This article is being shared in right-wing trending Facebook Groups, which begins with Rahul Gandhi’s cartoon (Scach) and looks like “Pappu label”.

Did 'Gulf News' call Rahul Gandhi 'Pappu'?

Several big leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party and their supporters have used the term ‘Pappu’ for Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

Some people shared this article on Gulf News on Facebook, “When the President of the country, assuming power for 65 years, will go abroad and say that the country is bound by poverty and corruption, then it will have to think that 65 years What did they do? ”

On his recent visit to the United Arab Emirates and Dubai, Rahul Gandhi had criticized the current Modi government during the discussion of India’s real issues. Rahul Gandhi spoke to NRI people living in Dubai at public stadium in a stadium.

At the end of this tour, Congress President Rahul Gandhi gave an interview to Gulf News.

But did this Dubai newspaper insult Rahul Gandhi? When we investigated it, there was a different reality than the claims made on social media.

What is the truth

The newspaper’s entire headline was- “How did Pappu label change Rahul Gandhi?”

According to Gulf News, the cartoon featured in the newspaper above this heading was Rahul Gandhi’s signature and he only allowed it to be printed.

But why was the word Pappu used in the heading?

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According to the newspaper, Rahul was asked a question about Pappu label. Read this in response to what Gandhi said:

“The best gift I have received is 2014. As much as I have learned from 2014, I did not learn anything from my life, because the people who are in my mouth will make the conditions difficult for me, the same is beneficial for me. I call Pappu, then I would not have been disturbed by it. I respect the attacks of my opponents and improve myself from it. ”

The papu word used in the heading of the newspaper was part of Rahul Gandhi’s statement.

Gulf News has also presented his purview by writing an article about that he has not tried to insult Rahul Gandhi from the heading of his interview. It is wrong to link the headline of the newspaper to Rahul Gandhi’s insult.

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