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Delhi’s ‘very poor’ air quality may fall in ‘serious’ zone today

delhi's poor pollution

The air quality in Delhi continued to deteriorate on Thursday, falling into a very poor category and likely to become ‘severe’ by Friday. As of Thursday evening, air quality monitoring stations at several locations such as Nehru Nagar, Dwarka, Rohini, Bawana, and Anand Vihar had already shown readings under the ‘danger’ zone.

Experts, however, said Delhi’s wind was affected after a prolonged fire from crop residues, local sources said. On Thursday, the contribution of grain strains was ignored, and it is expected to come down further on Friday, he said. its very bad condition for Delhi’s people. Delhi’s ‘very poor’ air quality may fall in the ‘serious’ zone today.

Delhi's 'very poor' air quality may fall in 'serious' zone today

The India Meteorological Department said the wind speed was slow during Thursday and is expected to remain in place by Friday afternoon, pushing air quality into the ‘critical’ zone.

“The wind speed will be low until Friday afternoon, after which it will start the election,” said Kuldeep Srivastava, head of the IMD’s Regional Weather Forecast Center.

He said pollution levels would start to go down from Saturday. A Western disturbance has begun to move to Delhi and as a result, the polluters will be spread over the weekend. Light rain is also forecast for Tuesday.

“Generally, light rains and low wind speeds become the catalyst for air quality disturbances. But winds will also be strong on Tuesday and pollution will be relatively low. “

The Meteorological Weather and Air Quality Monitoring Center’s Ministry of Earth’s Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Discovery System (SAFAR) on Thursday said that 5% of the crop area in neighboring states of Punjab and Haryana is clean. Was It is expected to reach 4% on Friday.

Delhi's 'very poor' air quality may fall in 'serious' zone today

Delhi pollution came mainly from local sources, a scientist from India said on Thursday.

“Pollution was gathering from local sources. This means that the amount of pollutants was not so fast due to the low wind speed, thus the balance was not maintained, “said a clean scientist.

Meanwhile, the education department issued an advisory to the heads of all the schools to follow the guidelines set by the health department regarding air pollution.it is a very bad condition for Delhi’s people. Delhi’s ‘very poor’ air quality may fall in the ‘serious’ zone today

The Directorate General of Health Services released a public health advisory earlier this month that required people to seek medical advice, use mask and public transportation in the event of a stay at home, shortness of breath or chest discomfort. Was told.

The health department also called on vulnerable populations – seniors, children under the age of five, pregnant and underweight and undernourished – “to keep outside physical activity intensive and active to prevent health contamination.” Keep the level of the water level low. “

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