5 Expert Fitness Tips and Strategies You Should Know

1. Make sure your diet is healthy

Ask almost any personal trainer, and they tell you that regardless of your training goals, healthy eating is the backbone. Food is what fuels your body to reach your goals, and without proper nutrition through quality foods, it is likely to stall. Maintain a balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, full protein, and healthy fats such as fish oils and flaxseeds.

2. Prepare ahead

“Preparing food in advance gives you the best chance of meeting your nutrition goals,” said Micah LaCrete, a personal trainer and world champion of fitness competition. That way, he says, you feel pressured to eat unhealthy foods or skip meals. Check out 10 of our favorite simple meal-preparation recipes.

3. Eat Food Properly

Eating only three daily meals? Not a great idea. Veteran personal trainer Mike Duffy says, “People who lose my weight lose half their weight because they don’t eat enough”. Duffy advised his clients to “eat five times a day, about every three hours, to stimulate their metabolism” including two mini-meals between three basic meals. With activity levels low throughout the day, he recommends “eating less during the day.”

4. Choose good supplements

Some trainers and lifters feel that supplements can play an important role in increasing muscle gains. If you subscribe to that theory, chances are, you are already taking protein supplements – but what else? Creatine, says Creakin, “seems to be the most effective strength and shape-building supplement.” To boost your performance, you can also try peppermint. Cardiello explains that the scent “alters the perception of how hard it is working,” adding that it seems “less loud, slower, and easier to accomplish.”

5.  Find your motivation

Motivation is major. Some good ways to stay motivated while you are working outdoors: While doing reps, count down, not up. Another trick: “Look at your dominant hand when you’re pushing up”, Cardiello explains – this “automatically includes a positive reinforcement” because the dominant hand transfers weight more easily and quickly.


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